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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Like Christmas for Record Store Geeks

It’s less than a month away now and the excitement level is building. Not quite a fever pitch but things are definitely warming up… Yes folks, Record Store Day is really turning into a bona fide event this year and the special releases and artist specials are coming fast and furious now. In an effort to do my part to turn this into an actual frenzy I’ve compiled some of the confirmed indie exclusive and special CDs, DVDs, and LPs headed our way on April 18th:

Akron/Family Everyone Is Guilty B/W Total Destruction 7″
Bad Religion The Original Ep 7″
Blitzen Trapper War Is Placebo B/W Booksmart Baby 7″
Booker T. Warped Sister/Reunion Time 7″
Camera Obscura French Navy [RSD Exclusive] 7″
Color Fred, The The Intervention Compact Disc
Cursive/ Ladyfinger (Ne) Record Store Day Split 10″ (Picture Disc) Album
Dr. Dog / Floating Action Don’t Stop (Loving Me Now)/The Breeze Split 7″
Elvis Perkins In Dearland Lorraine, Lookout/I’ll Be Arriving [RSD 2009 Exclusive] 7″
Flight Of The Conchords Pencils In The Wind B/W Albi The Racist Dragon 7″
Gaslight Anthem, The Live At Park Ave. Album
Iron And Wine Norfolk 6/20/05 Compact Disc
Loney Dear / Andrew Bird Loney Dear / Andrew Bird 7″
Magnolia Electric Co. It’s Made Me Cry 7″
Obits I Can’t Lose B/W Military Madness 7″
Pavement Live In Germany (RSD Limited Exclusive) Album
Pretenders, The Break Up The Concrete B/W Love’s A Mystery 7″
Reatard, Jay / Sonic Youth Hang Them All/ No Garage(RSD Limited Exclusive) 7″
Russell, Arthur Love Is Overtaking Me [RSD Exclusive] Album
Silversun Pickups Pikul Album
Sonic Youth / Beck Pay No Mind / Green Light (RSD Limited Exclusive) 7″
• Various Artists Records Toreism Album
Vetiver Wishing Well B/W Pay No Mind 7″
Waits, Tom Live From The Glitter And Doom Tour 7″
Ben Harper Shimmer & Shine [RSD Exclusive] 10″
Charles Spearin The Happiness Project LP
Dandy Warhols Earth to the Remix EP [RSD Exclusive] CD
Dave Barnes You, The Night & Candlelight [RSD Exclusive] CD
Guided By Voices Hold On Hope [RSD Exclusive] LP

The Ears of the Town: Plugd records from John Callaghan on Vimeo


eric.5 b said...

You and your record store boners! The only guy I know that gets excited about those seven inchers!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Albi the Racist Dragon! I am there!

Sean Wraight said...


a boner? A BONER? Do your parents know you are up late browsing blogs?

For the record, records seldom elicit boners... And in an ironic twist boners seldom elicit records

Good night Eric.


I am so glad you remain a loyal and erudite reader... No filthy talk from you! :) I too am looking forward to the Conchords release. I expect I will be a whole lot poorer come April 19th.

Ah well!