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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rory Riding You Raw? Good News…

New Vaselines Collection Due From Sub Pop

The Vaselines have long been celebrated by musicians and music enthusiasts across genres and across the globe. In fact, their greatest spokesperson may have been super-fan Kurt Cobain. (You remember that guy from Aberdeen, WA right?) When Cobain eloquently proclaimed them to be his “most favorite songwriters in the whole world” interest in the band skyrocketed. That little band he used to be a part of actually famously covered their songs, “Molly’s Lips”,“Son of a Gun” and “Jesus Don’t Want Me For a Sunbeam”. As a dutiful music nerd I for one knew I had to jump into the collective fan tub of Vaselines at that point. Luckily, at about the same time Sub Pop Records further exposed the erstwhile Scots to music fans everywhere with the super cool anthology The Way of the Vaselines. Now, seventeen years on, the label is set to unleash the ultimate Vaselines collection. Enter the Vaselines, due out on May 5th which includes everything from the former disc, plus a tonne of additional material. A double-disc (or triple-LP!) set, It includes new mixes and remastered versions of everything by The Vaselines, plus never-before-heard demos, and live UK recordings from 1986 in Bristol and 1988 in London.

So do yourself a favour and pick this up and you can experience firsthand why so many hold them in such high regard. Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee (The Vaselines) continue to be highly influential on the indie music community and this release justly documents their musical genius


Allison said...

If only my computer had sound. Sigh.

Look forward to taking a listen later on. Love the name. But now I have a hankering to listen to the Flaming Lips.

Sean Wraight said...

One does need sound in their lives Allison. :) I think you will like the Vaselines. Belle and Sebastian were influenced greatly by them and even took to the stage with them on occasion.

Nice to hear you are listening to the Flaming Lips. I can never get enough of them. Have you seen Fearless Freaks yet? Excellent, excellent music doc. Watch it, you'll love the band even more.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I need to flesh out my musical history education, obviously. Thanks for this, teacher.

Sean Wraight said...

Ah Grasshopper,

For this, welcome you are... (Am I Yoda or David Carradine?)

Do check them out though Barb. You won't be disappointed with them.