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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Into the White and Nerdy

My twelve year old son recently asked why I seldom extend his musical tastes to pages of this blog and lo and behold a story emerges to bridge our little cultural gap. This story too, about a musical conduit the likes of which are far from ordinary. In what might be a white and nerdy family’s dream, a planned collaboration between comic singer Weird Al Yankovic and members of alt-rawk stalwarts the Pixies might just be artistic collaboration of the decade.

Mild hyperbole aside, Yankovic will appear with the band at the Dec. 8th show in support of Winston's Village at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. It's part of a two-night event that's intended to raise funds for the organization, which supports the family of Winston Bertrand. (He's a nine-month-old baby with lymphatic and venous malformations.)

Pixies frontman Black Francis will be hosting the event, and will also perform over the course of the evening, appearing solo, with wife Violet ClarkGrand Duchy and of course, with members of the Pixies, with (Red Hot, New Yorker) Flea filling in for Kim Deal. (He better be wearing sweat pants). Members of Love and Rockets and She Wants Revenge are also scheduled to perform, while the second night will feature comedy by Tim and Eric, Bob Odenkirk, and Pixies drummer David Lovering. (Let’s hope he brings his magic kit!) Black Francis is also scheduled to perform on the second night.

Road trip to L.A. Jack? We can take turns at the wheel. This might just be the father son outing of the year!

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

It would be criminal of you not to take Jack to this. Fill up the car with leftover Hallowe'en treats and be on your way.

I'm sure Flea can borrow a pair of sweat pants from the janitor, as Kim has been known to do...