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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wilco (the Haiku Contest)

I love contests. Especially contests with a slightly creative bent. Well budding poets, haikuers, rhymers and stealers Wilco (the band) have something just for you. The appropriately named Wilco Haiku Contest.

To enter the contest, write a Wilco-themed Haiku and submit it either via Twitter and include the tag #wilcohaiku in your tweet or email it to them at

The Grand Prize is a Gibson SG (courtesy of Gibson Guitars) signed by the whole band. Deadline for submissions is Friday, November 27th. Watch their website for more details, or follow #wilcohaiku on Twitter.

For those that were sleeping during Haiku class in High School a gentle reminder

Haiku is a minimalist form of Japanese poetry. The writer has 17 or fewer syllables through which to convey an experience. Here's an example of my own Wilco haiku to give you the idea.

Something kinda like this:
singing earnestly
bridegrooms caress, alluring sun

strut ear jesus, etc

Lastly, the hardest working band in show business will be webcasting the penultimate show of their current tour on Monday, November 16th, live from the Amsterdam Paradiso at 9 pm European time, that’s 2 pm in Chicago ‘Tweedy Freeks’. Be sure to tune in, via the Roadcase section of the band's website.

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You've already won with your Wilco haiku. But I will still try to beat you.

I wonder how they decided upon a haiku contest? Ease of twittering?