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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Your Weekly Download Lowdown - Antlers

Hospice, the superb release from Brooklyn, NY trio The Antlers, will be hard to top when I set out to compile my favourite records from 2009. The album’s profoundly emotional themes make for a powerful listening experience. The album is built around a central narrative about a man losing a loved one to cancer and despite its evocative, even difficult subject matter I find I am drawn to listening to it time and time again. The set is both completely heartrending and very compelling. Be assured you won’t forget this one soon.

I was curious then to hear the band’s recently completed session. First off, if you are new to this band, I highly recommend you download the tracks that comprise this session. Peter Silberman’s incredible falsetto truly makes these tracks essential. All of the songs have a certain organic quality that colour them differently this time from the fragile melodies that comprise Hospice.

If you like that, go buy the record. You won’t be disappointed but maybe a little sad. Highly recommended.

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bloody awful poetry said...

I am new to The Antlers, tyes, but only because I can get really really lazy when it comes to trying out new music (blasphemous, I know). But I've heard nothing but great things about this band, and hey. For you, I will give them a shot =)