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Friday, July 18, 2008

Here Comes a Reissue – Part II

MORE Replacements Reissues, Paul Westerberg Download Due

I for one have worked up 'a mean, mean thirst' for rare Replacements music and as expected, the wonderful folks at Rhino Records will release expanded reissues of Minneapolis' favourite sons final four albums for Sire/ Reprise Records on September 23rd. Each album (as with the first round of reissues) features a host of previously unreleased bonus tracks; the entire reissue catalog will also see digital release the same day. (Details included below.) These ones are truly worth your while. Amongst the assorted bonus tracks included on these new sets are recording sessions with Tommy (Ramone) Erdelyi, Big Star's (and Paul Westerberg’s hero) Alex Chilton as well as a rambunctious song featuring Tom Waits ("Date to Church"). In April, Rhino reissued the Replacements' first three albums and an EP for hometown Minneapolis label Twin Tone Records to great critical reception.

In related new music news, frontman Paul Westerberg is planning to release a host of new music, the first since his work on 2005’s Open Season soundtrack. A cryptic note recently appeared on his website, the dates indicate Grandpaboy might have been released from the nursing home.

July 17, 2007

On June 49, (that's July 19 to you and me), Paul Westerberg will be releasing 49 minutes of music for just 49¢. Check back on Saturday, July 19 and you'll find a link to download the new tunes.

The tracklisting for each new remaster.


01 Hold My Life
02 I'll Buy
03 Kiss Me on the Bus
04 Dose of Thunder
05 Waitress in the Sky
06 Swingin Party
07 Bastards of Young
08 Lay It Down Clown
09 Left of the Dial
10 Little Mascara
11 Here Comes a Regular
12 Can't Hardly Wait (acoustic, Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
13 Nowhere Is My Home (Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [bonus track]
14 Can't Hardly Wait (electric, Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
15 Kiss Me on the Bus (Tom Erdelyi demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
16 Waitress in the Sky (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
17 Here Comes a Regular (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]

Pleased to Meet Me

01 I.O.U.
02 Alex Chilton
03 I Don't Know
04 Nightclub Jitters
05 The Ledge
06 Never Mind
07 Valentine
08 Shooting Dirty Pool
09 Red Red Wine
10 Skyway
11 Can't Hardly Wait
12 Birthday Gal (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
13 Valentine (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
14 Bundle Up (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
15 Photo (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
16 Election Day [bonus track]
17 Alex Chilton (alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
18 Kick It In (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
19 Route 66 [bonus track]
20 Tossin' 'N' Turnin' [bonus track]
21 Can't Hardly Wait (alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
22 Cool Water [bonus track]

Don't Tell a Soul

01 Talent Show
02 Back to Back
03 We'll Inherit the Earth
04 Achin' to Be
05 They're Blind
06 Anywhere's Better Than Here
07 Asking Me Lies
08 I'll Be You
09 I Won't
10 Rock 'N' Roll Ghost
11 Darlin' One
12 Portland [bonus track]
13 Wake Up [bonus track]
14 Cruella DeVille [bonus track]
15 Talent Show (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
16 We'll Inherit the Earth (mix 1) [previously unreleased bonus track]
17 Date to Church [ft. Tom Waits] [bonus track]
18 We Know the Night (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
19 Gudbuy T' Jane (Slade cover) (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]

All Shook Down

01 Merry Go Round
02 One Wink at a Time
03 Nobody
04 Bent out of Shape
05 Sadly Beautiful
06 Someone Take the Wheel
07 When It Began
08 All Shook Down
09 Attitude
10 Happy Town
11 Torture
12 My Little Problem
13 The Last
14 When It Began (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
15 Nobody (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
16 One Wink at a Time (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
17 Torture (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
18 Attitude (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
19 Happy Town (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
20 Tiny Paper Plane (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
21 Sadly Beautiful (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
22 Kissin' in Action [bonus track]
23 Ought to Get Love [bonus track]
24 Satellite [bonus track]


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yikes! Merry Go Round just came on my player as I clicked over here. This can no longer be mere coincidence, can it?

Good to see these reissues, as well as new music.

lilwayne said...

You have to much replacements stuff on here.


Anonymous said...

Go back to school lil wayne. Mats will always rule. Just glad we have Shawn to remind us.

Eric .5