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Friday, July 18, 2008

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

Diversity Tries

This week the download lowdown is all about musical variety. The first is a remix album of one of my favourite records of 2008. Portishead’s “Third”. I was immediately drawn to this one just to see how dance remixers would add bounce to their extrapolations of the album’s many dark themes. The result successfully pulls the recording from the art house to the dance floor yet manages to keeps a lot of the records' subtle mysteries intact. This is a very interesting and worthwhile effort.

Download the Portishead remix album here.

Next up, two worthy downloads from my favourite website, . First up, a session from the Los Angeles band Bodies of Water. Our ebullient, dancing woman in San Francisco Amity *, brought this band back to my attention and the vibe surrounding them has been growing this summer. If you like Arcade Fire with a gospel, folky twist I think this band might be for you. (Hmmmm, think, a far less annoying Polyphonic Spree.) This Secretly Canadian Records band is going places and the new songs in this session are great. I am really looking forward their new full length “A Certain Feeling” due on July 22nd.

Download the Bodies of Water session here.

Lastly, Verve Forecast records artist Jessie Baylin has also recorded a Daytrotter session. I’m really impressed with this transplanted Los Angelino’s voice; her new album "Firesight" is a sophisticated blend of jazzy pop. A very solid first effort. This session also features her fun cover version of the Beatles, Rocky Raccoon.

Download the Jessie Baylin session here.

Happy downloading - These things are free but as always support all of these artists by purchasing their music and seeing them when they play in your town.

* Read Amity's highly entertaining King Khan and the Shrines post, it’s a terrific piece.


Michelle said...

Jessie Baylin's album is called 'Firesight' - no 's'.

Sean Wraight said...

Thanks you.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Portishead remix sounds intriguing, to say the least. And the remixers certainly didn't waste any time getting to it either.

bloody awful poetry said...

My computer has a weird bug thingie that makes it impossible to download anything, but rest assured I shall find a way to listen to all the awesome music here.

And you've linked me under your cool blog world!! Aww thank you! Mucho mucho flattered, sir.

Sean Wraight said...

Dear BAP,

SUCH a shame when our computers just won't cooperate when we need them to. Thankfully mine is well trained and only seldom strays from its leash. As a CPU behaviouralist I can gladly help if your download problemos persist.

You are most welcome for the link, I see you have reciprocated. I too am very grateful. I have enjoyed so many of your posts of late (in my pants!)

I could not resist.