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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wilco, Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann & More “Rock the Net” On Compliation CD For Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that preserves an open Internet. At its root, net neutrality is about choice, freedom of expression and access to information.

Now this is a cause we should all get behind and at the same time enjoy some terrific music. Wilco, Bright Eyes, They Might Be Giants, Portastatic, Aimee Mann, Guster, Matthew Shipp, Palomar, The Wrens, DJ Spooky, BC Camplight, David Bazan, David Miller, Free Form Funky Freqs and The Classic Brown have all donated a track to a music compilation, which will be released by Thirsty Ear Recordings on Tuesday, July 29, 2008.

Net Neutrality is the principle that preserves an open Internet. It’s all about choice, freedom of expression and access to legal content. It’s also how many of us discover new music. But if big telecommunications and cable companies have their way, you may only be able to hear what they want you to hear.

That’s why Net Neutrality is so important to musicians, fans and the independent sector. Many of today’s most talented artists are demonstrating their support of an open Internet, where all users can legally access the content of their choice without corporate interference.

FMC’s Rock The Net campaign was established to increase musician awareness about the importance of Net Neutrality. Certain telecommunications and cable companies would like to charge content providers higher fees for the faster uploading of their sites, which could alter the way we access the web. The result would be an Internet where those who couldn’t afford to- or didn’t want to- pay a toll would be stuck in the slow lane. This would be a tremendous blow to all of us that depend on an open Internet for freedom to choose what we want, not what has been chosen for us.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Perfect! I'm glad to see the Net Neutrality people putting a cd together, as I have been in support of them for quite a while.

Well done NN folks.

Sean Wraight said...

Absolutely. This is a cause we can all get behind. Getting some nifty music in the meantime, the list of artists is outstanding.