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Friday, October 5, 2012

Colour Me Impressed! Replacements Reunite

It’s been good news all around of late if you happen to be a fan of the Replacements.  From brand new songs from front man Paul Westerberg to news yesterday that the former had reunited with ex-bandmate Tommy Stinson to record four cover tunes for a new EP.  (The two longtime bandmates had previously confirmed plans to work together for a track to benefit guitarist Slim Dunlap, the former Replacements member who suffered a stroke earlier this year.)
Rolling Stone is now reporting that the collection will released under the Replacements banner rather than another band name. The cover tunes, which were recorded in a day at a Minneapolis studio in late September, are as follows: Busted Up by Slim Dunlap, Everything's Coming Up Roses from the musical Gypsy, I'm Not Sayin' by Gordon Lightfoot, and Lost Highway by Hank Williams.

These songs will be pressed on 10-inch vinyl in a limited run of 250 copies, all of which will be auctioned off online. Proceeds will go to Dunlap.

So, could a full scale Replacements reunion be in the works?
"It's possible," Westerberg said."After playing with Tommy last week, I was thinking, 'All right, let'scrank it up and knock out a record like this.' I'm closer to it now than I was two years ago, let's say that."
Time to start crossing your fingers and your eyes folks.


Westcoast Walker said...

WOW - this is amazing Sean - looks like a bigger crack in the iron curtain. Let's hope there is more to come from Stinson and Westerberg.

Eggnog said...

Made my day.