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Friday, November 28, 2008

Best Music of 2008 - Part Three

80 08
The definitive “Everything is Pop” list of the Best Music of 2008 continues. Contentious? Perhaps… All part of the seasonal fun. Another twenty listed as we edge towards the elusive Number One CD of the year.

40. Plants And Animals Parc Avenue
39. Black Mountain In The Future
38. Drive By Truckers Brighter Than Creations Dark
37. The Felice Brothers The Felice Brothers
36. Elliot Brood Mountain Meadows
35. Giant Sand Provisions
34. Sun Kil Moon/ Mark Kozelek April / Nights
33. Bon Iver For Emma, Long Ago
32. Bowerbirds Hymns For a Dark Horse
31. Lykke Li Youth Novels
30. Monkey Journey to the West
29. Goldfrapp Seventh Tree
28. Santogold Santogold
27. Gang Gang Dance St. Dymphna
26. Matmos Supreme Balloon
25. High Places High Places
24. Windy and Carl Songs For The Broken Hearted
23. Boris Smile
22. No Age Nouns
21. Atlas Sound Let the Blind Lead Those Who Cannot See

20 – 1 Monday

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best Music of 2008 - Part Two

The definitive “Everything is Pop” list of the Best Music of 2008 continues. Another twenty listed as we edge towards the elusive Number One CD of the year. It's all about building the antici-pation folks!

60. Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
59. Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks Real Emotional Trash
58. The Kills Midnight Boom
57. TV On The Radio Dear Science
56. Ra Ra Riot The Rhumb Line
55. Islands Arm’s Way
54. Wolf Parade At Mount Zoomer
53. Los Campesinos! Hold On Now Youngster…
52. The Cool Kids The Bake Sale EP
51. Steinski What Does It All Mean?
50. Neon Neon Stainless Style
49. The Last Shadow Puppets The Age Of The Understatement
48. Deerhoof Offend Maggie
47. Dirty Projectors The Believer 2008 Music Issue
46. Hercules And Love Affair Hercules And Love Affair
45. Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
44. Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing
43. M83 Saturdays=Youth
42. Fourtet Ringer EP
41. The Notwist The Devil, You + Me

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best Music of 2008 - Part One

80 08

As a prodigious list maker my life interests always seem to get ranked at the end of every year. Music of course is no exception and my little obsession is your gain. On the upside too it’s also a lot more exciting than ranking my favourite vegetables. I'm Just saying…

This year I’m going to attempt this early to ward off potential ‘compendi-contamination’ from the myriad of sources that compile and rank the best music of the year. I’ll present twenty titles at a time to draw this one out and build some anticipation.

Rankings are based solely on my personal assessment of the relative artistic and creative merit of each piece. In most cases reissues are not included.

So, without further adieu and my sincere apologies if I contaminate your list with my rankings.

The 80 best CD’s of 08.

As always commentary and fishes are welcome and can be left below.

80. Liam Finn I’ll Be Lightning
79. Destroyer Trouble In Dreams
78. She And Him Volume One
77. The Walkmen You And Me
76. R.E.M. Accelerate
75. Ry Cooder I, Flathead
74. Forest City Lovers Haunting Moon Sinking
73. DeVotchKa A Mad And Faithful Telling
72. Sigur Ros Með Suð I Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust
71. Hauschka Ferndorf
70. The Jealous Girlfriends The Jealous Girlfriends
69. Angela Desveaux The Mighty Ship
68. Bonnie Prince Billy Lie Down In the Light
67. Calexico Carried To Dust
66. The War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues
65. Flying Lotus Los Angeles
64. Adem Takes
63. Juana Molina Un Dia

62. David Byrne And Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
61. Lambchop Oh (Ohio)

CD's 60 - 41 tomorrow

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'll Have What She's Having - Eargasmic Recordings

Here is my contribution to the latest installment of the excellent Green Monkey Music Project courtesy of I, Splotchy. The theme this time is "eargasmic" music, as suggested by Barbara the Bad Tempered Zombie. Her premise basically “those blissful recordings that work wonder on your eardrums and create an overwhelming sense of aural euphoria”.

That in mind, the following was the promise I recently made on Barbara’s blog after she invited me to provide six song titles for her aural mélange.
Here are my six official choices for the GMMP Eargasm Mix. All of these songs are capable of whisking me off to that special sublime place that only music can seem to do.

Bob Dylan – “Simple Twist of Fate”
Paul Westerberg – “It’s a Wonderful Lie”
Neko Case – “Deep Red Bells”
Loose Fur – “Elegant Transaction”
Sonic Youth – “I Love You Golden Blue”
Roberta Flack – “Angelitos Negros”

I look forward to writing a more detailed synopsis of each, explaining the ‘secret of the song’.

Thanks for this opportunity. It was great, slightly torturous fun!


In order to understand my song selections a brief preamble is necessary. This will help to put these songs into some form of context. First though, full disclosure is also necessary- Soooo... For the record, I am a bit of a walking ‘music lover’ cliché. I love to make top five music lists, to compile soundtracks for non-existent movies and to generally annoy my friends with all forms of musical minutiae. I have in fact considered a variant of Barbara’s theme in the past and the short compendium is part of that larger song cycle.*


All of these songs have their birth in a singular image. The flipside cover of Leonard Cohen’s 1969 album Songs From a Room. It’s always been one of my favourite pictures because of the incredible back story it elicits. It has very real sense of pure intimacy that has always resonated with me. The equally evocative songs on the record are all emotionally honest statements that lay bare, the soul of the artist. And therein lays the key to understanding my small compendium. Musically speaking, these are all balanced and simple songs that use the voice and music of the performer to convey honesty and varied emotional states in their song craft. But these are the ones that do it so very, very well.

At least to this listener they do.


Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate”

He woke up, the room was bare
He didn't see her anywhere.
He told himself he didn't care, pushed the window open wide,
Felt an emptiness inside to which he just could not relate

There has been a lot said of Dylan’s voice over the years. I like to think it has aged very well and has always suited his ever evolving musical intent. There is a lot of frustration in his voice in this particular piece. From deep growl to a soaring chorus the dual reality of every relationship is encapsulated in this song. (Key eargasmic moment - 2:30 the final stanza above.)

Paul Westerberg’s
“It’s a Wonderful Lie”

No, the common theme is not Minnesota singer songwriters, although it could be. (Mr. Zimmerman and Paulie do share a home state.) No, once again it’s about the feeling. This song is like a cigarette in bed. (Paul Westerberg has always allowed me to live a slightly illicit lifestyle without the annoying smokers cough and cirrhosis of the liver.) A reassuring number that tells us even the beautiful loser is as much capable of love as being loved. This song makes no pretense and has such a real honesty, its simple reassurances perhaps a little hope for all of us. It saves me every time. (Key eargasmic moment – 0:45 torn and tattered soul)

Neko Case’s “Deep Red Bells” has always been a revelation to me. Capable of taking me places without even leaving my chair. It is a song that is equal parts strength and vulnerability. It is representative of the singer herself. On this song, her vocal style moves away from outright honky-tonk but retains her heavenly twang. Patsy Cline meets Johnny Cash I think. “Deep Red Bells” is a confident song that soars to lofty emotional heights and literally stops me in my tracks whenever I hear it. (Key eargasmic moment – 0:49 “popsicles in summer”. Mmmmm, near perfect.)

Loose Fur’s “Elegant Transaction”

And don’t strike a conversation with a cigarette
Like an old flame, burned up, and out of breath

For those who don’t know, this is another of Jeff Tweedy’s (Wilco) solo projects. The cleverly named (Lu- ci- fer) comprised of Tweedy, Wilco drummer Glen Koetche and musician extraordinaire, Jim O’Rourke have made two wonderful albums to date. It is this songs spidery cool that evokes decidedly warm moonlit nights and slow dancing with someone you love. The songs call and response chorus builds throughout to give it a real daydream like feel. Like a countrified version of Steely Dan. (Key eargasmic moment – 0:20 oh those harmonies.)

Sonic Youth’s “I Love You Golden Blue”

This song has always been a breath of fresh air to me and has always suggested a certain reawakening of the senses. It feels like one of those warm breezes that feel so completely out of place on an April day. Kim Gordon’s breathy vocals on this one sends shivers down my neck and reminds me of one of those bright and yellowy spring days. (Key eargasmic moment – 2:45 Just like that palpable moment of joy when you feel the sun under that bluer than blue sky.)

Roberta Flack’s “Angelitos Negros”

I always seem to confound the guy at the record store when I purchase a Roberta Flack CD. But losing my cool “indie cred” is well worth it for this amazing artist. It is her voice though that touches every emotion I have ever known. Chan Marshall (Cat Power) recently covered the same song on the deluxe edition of her latest covers cd Jukebox. In all honesty it’s Flack’s vocal take in Spanish that truly affects me. I do not speak Spanish and yet the complex emotions of the song are conveyed in her melodious and full voice that transcends entirely the barrier of translation. (Key Eargasmic Moment - THE WHOLE SONG)


Now it’s up to you. Head over to I, Splotchy and check out some of the entries from the other participants and immerse your ears and soul in something new you may not have heard before. It's well worth your time!

Thank you to Barbara and Michael for allowing me to participate in this. It's been great fun.

* The absent songs that buffer this collection are just as telling but not included as to meet the stringent regulations of the Green Monkey Project: Leonard Cohen’s “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy” at the start, Iggy and the Stooges “Loose” at the end. “Loose” without a doubt the best closer to this set. Not part of my list but representative of the full circle this song cycle represents. The sum of all the parts if you will. Iggy’s catlike, high strung personae on full tilt mode here, and ready to pounce with claws ready.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kraftwerk Sample Case Overturned

A German court has ruled that a producer who sampled two seconds of song by electro pioneers Kraftwerk was not violating copyright.

The ruling overturns an earlier decision against producer Moses Pelham's use of a short sample from Metal on Metal. The brief sample appeared in the rhythm section of a song Pelham produced for German rapper Sabrina Setlur. Judges in Berlin said the two second extract did not infringe copyright, as his song was substantially different.

The move will come as a blow to artists who object to rivals using samples of their work to create new songs.

Kraftwerk's case was originally heard in a state court in Hamburg. It ruled in Kraftwerk's favour and said reusing even the shortest bit of a song infringed copyright.

In light of today's ruling, the Hamburg court will now have to take up the case again.

Personally, the decision seems to make a lot of sense and is reflective of a much more reasonable approach than say the present North American judiciary view. As always though, I welcome your comments and viewpoints on this divisive issue.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Axl Leaks Himself

So I'm listening to the first song from Chinese Democracy and I keep thinking, I know this song, I really know this song. But what is it? Arggghhhh....
And then it dawns on me. At the 1.01 mark this guitar riff kicks in and I'm instantly transported back to 1990.

Then again, maybe it's just me... It's streaming here and for the record, trainwreck curiosity drew me to the site.

Hell hath frozen over folks and the end of days is upon us. Chinese Democracy arrives in stores on Sunday so you probably won't have time to get those corn row braids; But at least we get a free Dr. Pepper.

For fans of Canadian Football - Chinese Democracy has become the “official soundtrack” to the 2008 Grey Cup. On Sunday (November 23), Gun N’ Roses’ ridiculously long-awaited album will be featured throughout the Grey Cup broadcast, with several tracks being televised nationally on TSN and RDS.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gifting 2008 - Stephen Colbert’s - The Greatest Gift of All

Nation(s), if you read this blog you will note that I am huge fan of Stephen Colbert and his wildly successful Comedy Central show The Colbert Report. So I am very happy to publicize a great holiday tradition will be born this year, joining the classics that have preceded it…Stephen Colbert will make Christmas his own. He's taking ownership for the Colbert Nation. Stephen decided to ignore tradition start the Christmas holiday before Thanksgiving, putting him a step ahead of the competition.

In order to fully dominate the Christmas season…Colbert style, the Colbert Report anchor is unleashing his lethal 1-2 punch of both a TV special and holiday album at the same time.

The Christmas special. A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! is a one-hour original musical holiday special. It premieres on Sunday, November 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL. (I will update with Canadian times and dates when I have those. The musical companion EP of the same name will be available on iTunes.)

In the special, Colbert is on his way to meet with Elvis Costello in New York City but is snowed-in at his cabin in upstate New York (bear country). He weathers through the storm with help from his friends Feist, Toby Keith, John Legend, Willie Nelson and Jon Stewart. Yes Jon Stewart sings!

Tracklisting for A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All! EP
1 "Another Christmas Song" – Stephen Colbert
2 "Have I Got A Present For You" – Toby Keith
3 "The Little Dealer Boy" – Stephen Colbert and Willie Nelson
4 "Can I Interest You In Hannukah" – Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart
5 "Nutmeg" – Stephen Colbert and John Legend
6 "Please Be Patient" – Feist
7 "There Are Much Worse Things to Believe In" – Stephen Colbert and Elvis Costello
8 "(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding" – Stephen Colbert, Elvis Costello, Feist, Toby Keith, John Legend and Willie Nelson

The songs were produced by Adam Schlesinger(Fountains of Wayne) and Steven M. Gold. Theme music and score also by Schlesinger and Gold. The bonus features on the DVD include a book burning Yule log, video advent calendar, alternate endings and more.

Both the digital-only EP and DVD will be available on November 25th!

Proceeds from the sales of A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All! will go to

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh the WHO-manity!

The First Annual All-Blogger Non-Virtual Secret Santa Exchange

Now that the Hallowe’en candies have all been eaten, it’s time to concentrate on the next big holiday that is not Grey Cup or American Thanksgiving. Try to deny it all you like, but you know Christmas is fast approaching. So before you start getting dragged off to mind-numbingly boring office parties or over to your next door neighbour’s place where you will be forced to make small talk in a living room that smells of hamster bedding while you participate in your block’s annual burnt cookie exchange, we’d like to invite you to observe the season with something that’s actually fun.

Barbara of Bad Tempered Zombie and I have been musing lately about the delightful and clever bloggers that we have been fortunate enough to become friends with over the years, and how much fun it would be to hang out with everybody over the holidays. But since our table-top cloning machines are currently in for repairs, showing up at everybody’s house with a couple of bottles of wine and a sleeping bag is not an option.

But we can invite you to participate in a Secret Santa exchange.

And since we are both a little music-obsessed and abhor going into stores at the best of times, let alone during the nutty season, we’d like to put two conditions on this exchange. Gifts must be music-themed and they must be handcrafted. How that manifests itself is completely dependent on how Santa interprets it.

For example, your gift could certainly be a mix cd or dvd, but it could also be a song written for the giftee, or a painting, or a story, or a collection of poems. You might put together a collage of photos of your giftee’s favourite band, or even build them a musical instrument. The possibilities are endless. Just be creative! At the end of this we’ll throw a blog on the virtual fire and marvel at one another’s clever handiwork. (Do feel free to include some delicious bonbons to round out your special package as well as most of our Hallowe’en supplies have long since been picked over.)

If you would like to join us, just email us your mailing addresses before midnight on Thursday, November 27/08. We will randomly match up the participants and send you the particulars that weekend. You have to promise to send your parcels out in a timely fashion, though, so that they will arrive during the holiday season, not mid February or something lame like that.

You don’t want to miss out on this, and you only have ten days to get in on the action, so send your mailing address to either:

Sean (sean dot thisispop at gmail dot com)
Barbara (bbruederlin at shaw dot ca)

We hope you’ll join us. It won’t be any fun without you.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

PLAYLIST 23 - Now is the Winter of My Blog Content

Winter has arrived this weekend in Lovely London and the white stuff is flying furiously even as I type. As Mother Nature whips up cold winds, buries my car and slowly depletes my very spirit I thought a playlist might just be what the psychiatrist ordered.

Last night as I was driving through the wet sky goop I tuned to Alan Neal’s Bandwidth program on CBC Radio. His theme… Oh’s. Not as in Sandra, but song titles and band names that contain that very word. Sooooo(h), any idea worth doing once is worth plundering again here for the sake of a wonderful playlist.

...Turn up the iPod and pass the serotonin.

Oh Well, Okay

Oh My Lover - Adem
It's Oh So Quiet - Bell
, My Darling - Basia Bulat
Oh Spectrum - Final Fantasy
Napoleon - The Acorn
Christine - The Cave Singers
Oh, Sister - Bob Dylan
Oh My Sweet Carolina - Portastatic
Lord - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
! You Pretty Things - David Bowie
Well, Okay - Elliott Smith
Oh, Lonesome Me - Neil Young
Oh It's Such A Shame - Jay Reatard
Oh My Golly! - Pixies
Oh My - bis
Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up – Mogwai
My Lord - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
, La - Ra Ra Riot
God, Where Are You Now? (In Pickeral Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?) - Sufjan Stevens
Oh Oh, Take Me Back - M. Ward
John - Jimmy Reed

Series Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... Just About Everyone


I wrote about this show earlier in the year and now it’s set to make its debut. The Sundance Channel will premiere this music and talk series on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 9:00pm e/p. The show, originally conceived in Canada will also air on CTV in Canada and Channel 4 in the U.K. (Times and dates for those locations have not yet been announced.)

Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... fuses the best elements of talk and music television and invites viewers to enjoy an intimate conversation between host Costello and his guests, punctuated by rare musical performances by Costello, his guests and a wide variety of musicians. Among the confirmed guests for the 13-part series are Sir Elton John, Tony Bennett, Lou Reed, artist-director Julian Schnabel, Diana Krall, Jenny Lewis and President Bill Clinton. (Click here for the full schedule.)

I have high hopes for this venture based on Costello’s well known acerbic wit and encyclopedic knowledge of music.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knockin’ On Kiernan’s Door

As a music fan I understand the impulse to want to get a little closer to the musicians I respect and admire. Aside from the occasional tour bus, I have never sought out anyone on their home turf and or the residence they grew up in. Probably a good thing considering I would in all likelihood be arrested. But I must admit this story brought a smile to my face as I ate my breakfast this morning.

Earlier this month Winnipeg Residents John Kiernan and Patti Regan came home from buying groceries to find Bob Dylan waiting in front of their home. Like many before him, Dylan (in town for a concert) had come to see the childhood home of Neil Young. The couple — accustomed to rock fans making a pilgrimage — didn’t recognize Dylan at first.

“I’m looking around, and I realize, this guy having a tuque on has really great cowboy boots on,” Kiernan said. “He was wearing really nice leather pants. And I realize I’m staring face-to-face with Bob Dylan.”

Dylan talked to the couple for about 25 minutes, and took him to Young’s old bedroom — where their 16-year-old daughter currently resides. “[Dylan said] ‘OK, so this was his view, and this was where he listened to his music,’ ” said Kiernan.

Last year Dylan talked to Rolling Stone about Young. “Neil is very sincere,” said Dylan. “He’s sincere, and he’s got a God-given talent, with that voice of his, and the melodic strain that runs through absolutely everything he does. He could be at his most thrashy, but it’s still going to be elevated by some melody. Neil’s the only one who does that. There’s nobody in his category.”

Bob Dylan continues his current Canadian tour and is playing in London tonight at the John Labatt Centre. It is very likely he will be wearing leather pants.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

Epic Comes in Silver and Black

I can only think of a handful of bands currently making challenging and creative music thirty two years into their careers. One of those bands is Wire. Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey are the current members of the other London’s most influential punk bands and have just completed an extended trek throughout North America in support of their latest album Object 47. On the heels of their final 2008 date at Chicago’s legendary Metro, the band stopped by the Daytrotter studios to record a session of old and new music. Colin Newman explains:

In keeping with Daytrotter’s “played” feel we chose four songs from the set we have been touring throughout Europe & North America during 2008. We did this session the day after the last date of the North American tour (in Chicago), which was in fact our last date of 2008! We never attempt to “reproduce” album versions in our live sets, so each piece must find its expression as a live entity. In that way this studio recorded version of Wire playing live was a unique document. Falling at the end of our most extensive touring year since 1987 it became a unique document recorded at a unique time!
Download here.

Also on Daytrotter, a new session from the Department of Eagles. Their latest, excellent recording In Ear Park has been playing endlessly in my cd player and will no doubt figure prominently in my 2008 Year End List. This exceptional session works as a well worn “folklore-ish" accompaniment to that. Department of Eagles is the the side project of Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and his New York University college roommate Fred Nicolaus.

Download here.

Last, and by no means least, the Athens, Ga., band Of Montreal has been making some of the most eclectic music of the past decade. On the band's latest cd, Skeletal Lamping, Of Montreal plunges listeners into the freakishly surreal world of Georgie Fruit, the "transsexual alter ego" of singer Kevin Barnes. Barnes, has built a reputation on meticulously crafted, synth-driven psych-pop, with flamboyant production* and gleeful sonic flourishes. Of Montreal brought this musical spectacle to Washington, D.C. for a show at the legendary 9:30 Club and NPR were there to record it.

Listen and download here.

* The peak of recent onstage theatrics came mid-set in NYC during "St. Exquisite's Confessions," when Kevin Barnes mounted a very nervous looking white pony, singing the song's first minute or so from atop it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do We Really Need Another Kinks Album?

On more than a few occasions I have written about my love for the music of the Kinks. One peek at my iTunes library would give you an idea of the import of which I consider the music of the brothers Davies. (It is pronounced Day-viss by the way.) I have to admit though, I’m not entirely excited about the news that emerged from the Kinks camp yesterday via the BBC.

The Kinks have begun writing new songs ahead of a possible reunion, singer Ray Davies has said. "We've started a little bit of this and that," he told BBC News. But it is too early to judge the quality, he said. "It depends if there's good music. We want good new music. I'd like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do."
Davies is aiming to duet with a range of artists, including Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, Snow Patrol and some previously unknown talents.

In September, Davies said any reunion would also depend on the health of bandmate and brother Dave, who suffered a stroke in 2004.

On the surface, yes its great news; Ray Davies intentions are noble and the fans get to hear some new Kinks music. I mean any Kinks music is good music. Right? Wrong. Why mess with a good thing? Even with his optimistic tone Ray Davies can not possibly compete with his own celebrated past. The Kinks were one of the most popular and influential bands of the 60s and 70’s, and last performed together in 1996. But do we really need another Kinks album?


So many groups try to recapture the past with the clichéd reunion album and end up casting a pall over a canon of mostly exceptional music. There’s plenty of precedence out there too that this one is destined to be a stinker. How many of you went out and purchased a Bigger Bang two years ago? Or Endless Wire in 2006? (Just what were the Who thinking when they approved the art for that one?) No one wants to hear these new songs in concert either because they pale when compared to the stuff that once made these heavy hitters great.

I’ve always respected artists like Paul Westerberg who refuse to reignite former glories even when huge amounts of cash and tour incentives are thrown their way. The temptations are huge but more power to him for retaining a little integrity, preferring to keep the myth alive a little longer and let the back catalogue speak for itself.

I’ve been amazed recently and heartened by the number of independent artists releasing songs that were heavily influenced by the music of the Kinks. The Frontier Brothers, the Broken West and the Kooks have all built on the foundation the brothers Davies constructed to create something entirely new. True, that might not pay the bills in the end but it speaks volumes about the timeless quality of the music from which it draws its influence.

So next time you are in a good record store, pick up a copy of The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society. You’ll understand exactly where I am coming from here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Change Is Gonna Come

There's been times that I thought
I wouldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come
Oh, yes it will

Well Hot Dog, We Have a Wiener!

I've been a very lucky guy. I played on championship teams. I played for Canada. I've won some awards and I'm very proud of those accomplishments. But I don't think there's anything greater than to come home and to be recognized at home. This is the pinnacle.

Bobby Orr

Late last week, Barbara, The Bad Tempered Zombie, named me a Superior Scribbler and bestowed the affiliated award on me and by extension this thing I call a blog. (I honestly thought I blew the talent portion of the competition.) In all seriousness though, I am truly honoured by Barbara’s generosity and I am hugely grateful for her support and always insightful commentary over this past year.

In keeping with the hard and steadfast rules of this award I have been asked to pass the Superior Scribblers bejeweled crown and fancy sash over to five other blogger types of my choosing. Not an easy task by any stretch considering the calibre of great talent I regularly monitor on the tubes. There is a lot of brilliance out there folks but alas I have made my regal decision. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your virtual hands together and applaud my list of superior scribes:

Amity B, of All Things Amity, whose distinctive take on the world keeps me visiting frequently. She is a smart and opinionated individual whose writing style I can only aspire to. Wise beyond her years this passionate scribe never ceases to amaze me with talent most unparalleled.

Tessa, of Tessa’s Braces, is a favourite blogger with a twist. The twist this time is her amazing artwork. In three spartan, black and white panels Tessa is often capable of saying more without words than I have 'with' words in two years. This woman will be famous some day and I’ll be proud to say I knew her on the way up.

Beth, of A Cup of Coffey, is a favourite blogger with a passion for music and life that is second to none. She is an extraordinarily generous soul who often organizes fellow bloggers to participate in various ‘blog type thing activities’. The recent Big Wicked Online Pageant was a real hoot. Her weekly music mixes with downloadable mp3’s are a true highlight of my week.

Mike, of, a fellow Londoner, whose unique take on the world around him is always a welcome read. His posts, often related to a local story of some kind are truly inspired. Mike’s distinctive style will make you laugh one minute and provide a great cake recipe the next.

Matthew, of Westcoast Walker, is an erudite blogger with many interests. Philosopher, artist, music fan, book lover etc., I never know what direction Matthew will go next. But follow him I will. His posts are always informative and fun and always a welcome read at the end of the day.

Lastly, for those I have left off this record I apologize but I must end this list at five. If the hard and fast rules of the academy could be broken god knows I would do it.

So well done, you Superior Scribblers! I now pass on the responsibity on to you, to exercise your civic blogger duty.

Superior Scribbler Rules and Responsibilities:

*The Rules: Every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award. Then you must display the adorable award and link to THIS POST, which explains the award. The same post also allows you to add your link. Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

V O T E !

Monday, November 3, 2008

20th Annual Rock For Kids Rock & Roll Charity Auction the Best Yet!

You know how hard it is to buy the music lover in your life that special something for the holidays right? Well I’ve got the solution for you and this one is beyond cool. For 20 years now , Rock For Kids has offered music fans one of the most memorable nights of the year, with their annual Rock & Roll Charity Auction in Chicago. Since it began, the auction has raised over 3 million dollars for Chicago's homeless and underprivileged children.

This years enterprise promises to be the best yet, with plenty of Everything is Pop favourites. Signed items from Wilco, R.E.M., Spoon, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, B.B. King, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, and nearly 200 more! Imagine how a Lucille style Epiphone guitar, signed by B.B. King would look in the den; Or a fully autographed Decemberists poster print in the foyer. The possibilities are endless. Check this one out. It’s a truly worthy cause and lots of fun just to ogle some primo rock n’ roll swag.

Tickets On Sale Now!
20th Annual Rock For Kids Rock & Roll Charity Auction
Friday December 5, 2008 - Park West (322 N Armitage, Chicago)

6:00PM VIP Bash ($75)
7:00PM Auction Begins ($25 in advance, $30 at door)

Sign me up now! Those Pogues signatures would make a fine addition to my collection.