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Thursday, May 29, 2008

If I Ran the Morning Zoo

As I was driving home from work last night I contemplated the prospect of a guest DJ stint on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project. A guy can dream, um... Right? (Thank you for planting that one Bad Tempered Zombie.)

This is my playlist and for the ‘pop’ record it was very difficult to compile. Let me include three hundred songs next time. Then we’d be talking.

Nina Simone - I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man
Wilco - Via Chicago
Neko Case - Deep Red Bells
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain
The Beach Boys - Caroline No (Mono)
John Cale - Paris 1919
Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
Sonic Youth - Rain on Tin
Iggy and the Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog
R.E.M. - So. Central Rain

Are you listening Nic Harcourt? It's me Margaret.

Whose Net? Our Net! (We All Scream for Net Neutrality)

Net Neutrality Bill in Canada

Canadian Member of Parliament Charlie Angus has introduced a private member's bill on Net Neutrality in Canada:

Charlie Angus, who represents Timmins and James Bay, launched his bill one day after 300 people showed up in Ottawa to protest the issue. "You are citizens of a digital realm and you have rights," Angus told the crowd, according to the CBC. The crowd then chanted, "Whose net? Our net!" As a slogan, this leaves something to be desired, but it does get the point across.

The debate has been sparked in large part by recent revelations about traffic`shaping by Bell Canada, shaping that has allegedly reduced the speed of many`P2P sessions by 90 percent. It applies even to ISPs who resell wholesale`access from Bell, and these ISPs have brought Canadian regulators into`the battle over the issue.

Angus sings the net neutrality blues Angus wants Parliament to debate the topic, and his brief bill amends Canada's Telecommunications Act to prohibit various forms of discrimination. P2Pnet hosts a copy of the text, which outlaws "network management practices that favour, degrade or prioritise any content, application or service is transmitted over a broadband network based on its source, ownership or destination." Reasonable network management is still allowed, and ISPs are explicitly allowed to charge different prices for different levels of bandwidth.

Pop Footnote: For those among you who recall trivial music minutiae Angus’ name may seem familiar. Charlie was an original member of the early 80’s ‘punk rock’ outfit, L’Etranger. Yes, the one that included Andrew Cash as a member and the same one that played at your University Pub if you attended at that time. Subsequently, Angus left the band to form Grievous Angels.

Listen to CBC’s Search Engine Podcast on Net Neutrality for more information.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Can’t Live Without My Internet Radio - Part II

When I was seven years old I used to sleep with a transistor radio under my pillow. That little black RCA receiver brought a wide world of music and dialogue to me that would deeply affect my future listening habits and also forge a deeper love for all music. To this day radio remains an essential medium for me to hear new music and the thoughts and viewpoints of a diverse world.

KCRW (89.9 FM) is a public radio station broadcasting from the campus of Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California, carrying a mixed NPR news, talk radio and freeform music format. A network of repeaters and broadcast translators allows the station to serve the Los Angeles metropolitan area and other communities in Southern California. Thankfully, the station has also become widely known because of nationally-distributed programming, streaming Internet radio broadcasts, and podcasts. That in a nutshell is how a guy from Canada can grow to love a radio station based out of Southern California.

Now if I could find a way to sleep with my laptop under my pillow I would be listening to this program. KCRW's Guest DJ Project invites an array of cultural icons to share and discuss songs that have inspired and moved them with KCRW DJs. Actors, authors, chefs, athletes, directors, tech entrepreneurs and more share their musical passions, giving deep insight into both their lives and their creative process. Illuminating sessions recently hosted by Conan O’Brien, John Cusack and Saffron Burrows have been archived for your listening convenience. I recommend your perusal.

Friday, May 23, 2008

RE: Review - Replacements - Remastered

So far 2008 has been an amazing year to be a fan of The Replacements- (‘the Mats’ for the faithful.) In addition to Jim Walsh’s comprehensive book, All Over But the Shouting, the news had broken earlier this year that the full back catalogue would be getting the ubiquitous remastered/bonus track/’fancy pantsedness’ treatment this year. The first round of these reissues, now on store shelves are the albums originally released on Minneapolis’ Twin/Tone Records. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, in addition to a wealth of unreleased material, these seminal albums have finally received a complete sonic remastering; The quality of which far surpassing previous cd incarnations from Twin/Tone or Ryko in 2000. To quote Paul Westerberg: “Hallefuckinglujah…” For the fans, at last they’ve done it right.

Needless to say, the quandary remains. As a good friend recently lamented… “How many copies of the freaking White Album does one person need?” To turn the phrase then, are the Replacements remasters worth adding to your collection (in some cases again)? -Without question. One listen to their 1984 masterpiece Let It Be and I was completely sold yet again. This could be the best thirty three minutes you will spend this week. Hearing the opening notes of I Will Dare in all its renewed glory actually caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end. Primal stuff and so very affecting, The Replacements have played the soundtrack to my life and this was almost like hearing it again for the first time.

What really makes this a truly worthwhile venture though is the plethora of bonus tracks accompanying each original disc. Thirty songs spread out over the four original albums, these are the true musical treasures. On Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash the original basement demo tape recordings that Paul Westerberg gave to Peter Jesperson back in 1980 are included for the first time ever. You’re Getting Married from 1982’s Stink bonus disc is perhaps the highlight of the entire lot though. The song is a testament to the promise of what would be to come from Westerberg. The Let It Be release also includes a set of bonus material with a slate of fantastic covers (20th Century Boy, and Heartbeat - It’s a Lovebeat). That’s right dear Pop reader, T-Rex and the DeFranco Family.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is the music of my youth. The stuff that made me love music and the stuff that got me through it all. If you’ve never taken the Replacements plunge before, now would be the perfect time to start. If you like your music passionate and more than a little torn and frayed you will not be disappointed. I am a little envious though, this music has already changed my life.

Highly Recommended

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash – PPPP
Stink – PPPPP
Hootenanny – PPPP
Let it Be - PPPPP

Quite Possibly the Coolest Music Store in Canada

UPDATE: Watch Donald's Appearance on CITY TV's Breakfast Television

Donald Quan Launches New Culturally Diverse Musical Instrument Store

From time to time brilliant ideas do emerge to see full fruition. This is indeed one such instance and this inspired plan holds true promise. The official launch of Musideum next week marks the opening of the first and only store of its kind in Canada: a place to find top-quality rare and unusual musical instruments from all over the globe and gorgeous music-related gifts in a beautiful museum-shop-style retail environment.

Musideum is the creation of Donald Quan, and just so happens to be the husband of my cousin Lisa. That aside, Donald is a visionary musician, producer, film & TV composer and musical entrepreneur. Quan is best known for his work composing the scores to popular television shows including Relic Hunter, and Mutant X, for which he's received four Gemini Award nominations, and his creation of the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid theme song Expect the World with Ron Korb. Donald Quan has provided world music consulting services to Disney for a soon to be released feature film, and is also known for his work on many contemporary world music projects with Canadian artists including musicians Loreena McKennitt, Ron Korb, Toronto Tabla Ensemble, Samba Squad, as well as music for stage with Aboriginal theatre group Red Sky Performance and choreographer Santee Smith. Donald Quan owns and runs Q Music and Q Music Studios, and continues to record and tour with international musicians. The opening of a beautiful retail store that specializes in stunning and perfectly playable instruments from so many cultures and musical traditions is the realization of a dream, and three years of preparation for Donald.

Well done Donald! I wish you all the success in the world with this enterprise.

Musideum will be launched with public opening celebration performances and workshops all day Saturday May 31, 2008. Performer and event details will be announced soon.

Please do check Musideum out if opportunity allows. I assure you the experience will be a rewarding one.

M u s i d e u m: A World of Musical Instruments


Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm-5pm

Thursdays: 12pm – 7pm
401 Richmond Street West,
Suite 133 (Main Floor)
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 3A8

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Islands In the Session

If you read this blog regularly you are more than aware of my great love for Without question my favourite place to discover and download music that is sometimes familiar and other times entirely new to me. The love in continues this week with a new session by Montreal’s own Islands. Four songs have been posted and I encourage all of you to visit and have a listen. Fresh on the heels of their superb new Anti release, Arm’s Way (out today) these songs are well worth addition to your favourite portable music device. One of the highlights, at least for me was the cover of Brian Eno’s ‘Big Ship’ from Another Green World. Imaginative pop with a blackened edge the three additional tracks are superb. The talented sextet is currently on the road and I suggest you check to see if they might be playing in your neighbourhood. Tour dates here.

Download and enjoy.

And speaking of free music, I would like to direct you to NPR’s site to listen to DeVotchKa live at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. Fresh from the current tour with opener and my favourite girl Basia Bulat this concert is pure joy. The band is a wonder to hear live and even more divine to see.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ah Meme and Good Night – The Mother of all Playlists

The meme is a new phenomenon in my world. I may in fact know more about mimes. That however is no consolation. So in fairness to Barbara, the Bad Tempered Zombie who inconspicuously tagged me last week.
The Mother of All Random Playlists ((with Questions (and Answers of sorts)):
You know how this works:
1. Put your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must put down the song name no matter what. After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves

Goofy yes, but I like it too. Explanations have been included to protect the innocent. Please feel free to try this yourself.

What would best describe your personality?
Restless Waters – Tortoise
Restless? Perhaps. This blog goes a long way in tempering my restless, creative side. I am however seldom watery.

What do you like in a guy/girl? O Freedom – Billy Bragg
That, and a pretty smile.

How do you feel today?
Sinister In a State of Hope- Loney Dear
And I was just going to say fine... Guess my ipod knows the more true state of my soul though.

What is your life's purpose? Heaven – Talking Heads
Quite honestly I would much prefer that be my ‘death’ purpose.

What is your motto? Only the Stones Remain – The Soft Boys
How true. Mick and Keith have outlived all comers and will continue to do so.

What do your friends think of you?
Under Your Jacket – The Lightning Bug Situation
Sadly true. I tend to be shy until you really get to know me.

What do you think of your parents? Remember – Air
Poignant yes, but thankfully they are both still very much alive.

What do you think about very often?
Hot Korean Moms – P. Love and Amon Tobin
That, and cheese. Gouda if you please.

What do you think of your best friend? Nothing New - April March
So wise up best friend or else I’ll be looking for a brand new one.

What do you think of your crush?
Change Your Style – John Holt
Exactly. Enough about you if this relationship is going to work it’s all about me.

What is your life story? She’s Got You – Cat Power
Now if Cat Power has ‘got’ me this is something I could live with. Besides sharing the same first name, Chan and me would make a wonderful couple.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Naptime – Kid Koala
This would have been my kindergarden ambition but thankfully my more mature ambitions include being an astronaut and one day eating my own weight in pistachios.

What do you think when you see your crush? Exposure – Robert Fripp
Ironically I think of this in instances far too numerous to mention.

What do your parents think of you? Is There a Ghost?- Band of Horses
That did change however when I gave up wearing the sheet with the cut out eyeholes when I was 17.

What do strangers think of you? Pumpkin Soup – Kate Nash
Hmmmm, must be my new cologne.

How's your love life? Bean Vine Blues #2 (DTAS) – M. Ward
I’m telling you people try Bean Vine. The natural enhancer.

What will they play at your funeral?
Miracle Cure – The Who
Be a little late for that at that point don’t you think?

What will you dance to at your wedding?
Clap Your Hands - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta
This is exactly what people do when witnessing my sublime dance styles.

What is your hobby/interest? Going Blind - The Melvins
I certainly will if I continue my hobby/interest(s) of playing with pointed sticks and running with scissors.

What's your biggest secret?
Are You Awake? – Kevin Shields
Keep ‘em guessing folks. Like my philosophy “naptime anytime”.

What do you think of your friends?
This Old World is Going Down – The Modulations
I really need to find some new friends. They seem a tad depressing don’t you think?

What song do you listen to when you are sad?
Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix) – Air
This song just works wonders on my self esteem particularly when I am feeling down.

What song do you air guitar to?
Death Letter From Centreville Springs – The Howling Hex
Perfect. Now please include this in Guitar Hero IV.

What should be your signature karaoke song?
Crash and Burn Girl – Robyn
(Provided I have my hot pink mansy and legwarmers I will karaoke anytime, anywhere.)

What is your greatest desire?
Mouton Noir – Torngat
Who does NOT desire Black Mouton? (Please email me if you know what Black Mouton is.)

What does next year have in store for you? Naked As We Came – Iron and Wine
Oh I’m sorry. I thought you said to describe this past weekend in four words or less.

What's your outlook on life? Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right – Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
That and always carry spare batteries…

How will you die? People – El Perro Del Mar
Arrrggghhhhh!!! I always knew that
soylent green would get me in the end.

Do people secretly lust after you? Opus 17 – Dustin O’Halloran
Ah ha! It’s not my beauty, it’s my mad composing skills.

The best advice you will ever get? Alex Chilton – The Replacements
Exactly. One must never travel far without a little Big Star.

Listen to this custom playlist above. Your comments and psychological assessments are welcome as always.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ting Tings Session on

I first heard the Ting Tings on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic late last fall and fell in love with their distinctive English “pop” music. Coupled with angular guitars, wonky loops, resolute drumbeats and slightly cornball lyrics the band creates a highly contagious mix. No surprise the Salford, England duo (Jules de Martino and Katie White) have been showing up on every hot tip sheet for 2008. (Let this blog be no exception - one must stay on top of these things.)

From the good folks at come these fabulous sessions free for your downloading enjoyment.

Link and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home, Is Where I Want to Play

We’re all used to playing music in our homes. But have you ever considered playing music with your home? Whhhaaaaaaaa?

Well, this is your chance; At least in an art installation curated by musician and artistic visionary David Byrne.

Starting May 31st, visitors to New York's Battery Maritime Building will be able to take part in Byrne's interactive music installation called simply "Playing the Building". Like its self-explanatory title implies, the Battery will be fitted with devices that will allow visitors to make music off of the piping, pillars and more. It's an interesting way to view the structures we take for granted in everyday life. According to Byrne, it could be the future of music itself.

"I'd like to say that in a small way it turns consumers into creative producers," Byrne explains on his official site, "but that might be a bit too much to claim. However, even if one doesn't play the thing, it points toward a less mediated kind of cultural experience. It might be an experience in which one begins to reexamine one's surroundings and to realize that culture -- of which sound and music are parts -- doesn't always have to be produced by professionals and packaged in a consumable form.

"I'm not suggesting people abandon musical instruments and start playing their cars and apartments," he adds, "but I do think the reign of music as a commodity made only by professionals might be winding down. The imminent demise of the large record companies as gatekeepers of the world's popular music is a good thing, for the most part."

John Cage would be proud.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Man Needs A Spider

New Species of Spider Named After Neil Young

It's not often I can link my two great loves (Music and arachnology), via this blog; but as of today let the witty Neil Young/ spider references begin. The iconic singer-songwriter has had a spider named after him. In scientific circles a rare and very special honour.

When East Carolina University biologist Jason Bond discovered a new species of trapdoor spider, he opted to name the arachnid after Young, calling it Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi. “There are rather strict rules about how you name new species,” Bond said in a statement, Reuters reports. “As long as these rules are followed you can give a new species just about any name you please. With regards to Neil Young, I really enjoy his music and have had a great appreciation of him as an activist for peace and justice.”
The biologist came across the new species of spider in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 2007. Bond says the spiders belonging to the trapdoor genus distinguish themselves from one species to the next on the basis of their genitalia and primarily live in burrows sealed off with trap doors.

On that basis alone I wonder if Milton Berle has had a spider named after him.*

* Read the Uncle Miltie Offstage Section

Friday, May 9, 2008

On the Pop Radar – Three Quick New Music Reviews

Momofuku – Elvis Costello and the Imposters

Despite the fact that it sounds a little profane, Momofuku means "Lucky Peach" in Japanese. The perfect monicker then for either your favourite East Village Noodle Bar and or latest Elvis Costello release. The name suggests a certain languid familiarity in choosing the food and the music that we love. Not unlike a Japanese food menu, the music on Costello’s Momofuku covers a lot of stylistic ground (soul to garage) but remains grounded in the familiar. The album’s opener “No Hiding Place” is a good example of that. It is the sound of Costello making music and a lot of it. As a result it is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable discs he has ever produced. Inspired and very natural it lacks the unified sense of his 2004 release The Delivery Man but has more in common with his 1979 disc, Armed Forces.

By surrounding himself with capable musicians like Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis, former Beachwood Sparks "Farmer" Dave Scher, Jonathan Rice and Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, Costello succeeds in reconciling listener familiarity with the freshness in his musical execution. This is what drives his best music and Momofuku is right up there with that.

Recommended PPPP

Third – Portishead

Portishead will never be termed a particularly prolific band, relying instead on their sense of mystery and certain inconspicuousness to sate the needs of their ‘fandom’. In only their third studio outing since their mid nineties debut, the spaghetti western guitars and wailing organs are back, the ‘dated’ turntable scratches are out. On Third their almost trademark sound formidably replaced by squelchy electronic flourishes and squiggles. Perhaps the perfect counterpoint to Beth Gibbons desolate and sometimes fragile vocals. Be forewarned, this is a very, very dark record. It demands full immersion into its creative depths. A disc that works best when listened to from start to finish. This is the sound of raindrops on the window of the greyest day you can imagine. A harrowing travail to be certain but well worth the journey.

Recommended PPPP

The Midnight Organ Fight - Frightened Rabbit

At 14 songs, Midnight Organ Fight is a bit onerous to hear all in one sitting. Not that it is a particularly tedious release but rather its dour content becomes emotionally draining relatively quickly. This is not to say it is entirely devoid of humour either. Perhaps this is the essence of a distinctly Scottish musical experience. This phenomenon is not entirely different from the music produced by fellow countrymen the Arab Strap or even the ‘old schooly’ the Jesus and Mary Chain.

One of the best songs on Midnight Organ Fight is opener "Modern Leper". The song is a rhythmically and emotionally powerful piece, the band melding punk aggressions with folk storytelling traditions. These are songs composed in a dank industrial city and this record has that certain griminess at its core. The twinkling keyboards and bits of lyrical humour, the hopeful elements we look for when everything around us is dark.

Not for the unitiated but if you are a fan of the Arab Strap and the Twilight Sad this record will appeal to you.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PLAYLIST 15 - Planetary Alignment, Meaningful Coincedence and My Ipod on Shuffle

I'm letting my Ipod do the work today. Shuffle style.

Aretha Franklin - You Keep Me Hangin' On (This Girl's In Love With You/Spirit In The Dark Outtake)
Hank Williams - Wearing Out Your Walkin' Shoes [Non-Session Demo]
Martin Brodin - Freaky Bleepy
XTC - Summer's Cauldron
Spoon - My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
Nick Lowe - So It Goes
Roberta Flack - Hey,That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Yeasayer – Forgiveness
The Dirty Projectors - Room 13
Boris - [ ]
Subtle - Call To Dive
Sunset Rubdown - Us Ones In Between
Otis Redding - Ole Man Trouble (Mono Mix Of Stereo Album Version)
The Last Shadow Puppets - Calm Like You
CAN - Butterfly
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (V)
Guided By Voices - 7 Strokes To Heaven's Edge [Outtake]
The Replacements - Someone Take The Wheel
The Constantines - Hard Feelings
Miles Davis - Inamorata

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

“Happy is Hearing the Mann…”

American singer-songwriter Aimee Mann will be making a special appearance in Toronto this week. She’s also about to embark on a tour in support of her new album, @#%&*! Smilers (out June 3). Aimee will be back in Toronto for a concert on August 28, but come this Friday you can catch a sneak preview of her new work at Sonic Boom (512 Bloor Street West) this Friday, May 9 at 6:30 p.m.

Mann is possibly best known for her musical contributions to P.T. Anderson’s movie, Magnolia as well as being the lead vocalist of Boston's 'Til Tuesday in the 1980’s. Since then, she’s founded her own record company, SuperEgo Records, released three fine solo albums and appeared on the movie soundtrack to Arctic Tale.

Listen to Aimee on her Myspace page.

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Johnny, Then Neil, Now Glen

(FROM NO DEPRESSION.NET) -- Glen Campbell returns to Capitol, the label which nurtured his solo career, with an album of new material called Meet Glen Campbell and scheduled for release August 10. He is set to premiere the songs at the Stagecoach Festival May 2.

Songs include Travis' "Sing", Tom Petty's "Angel Dream" and "Walls", the Replacements' "Sadly Beautiful", U2's "All I Want Is You", the Velvet Underground's "Jesus" and Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)." But no Jimmy Webb songs. The press release says he selected these songs. In fact, from the press release:

"I really like all of the songs and I had a great time recording them. While I didn't write these songs, this sounds like a Glen Campbell album, which is important to me," says Glen Campbell.

The album was produced in LA by Julian Raymond (Rosanne Cash, Fastball, Wallflowers) with engineer and co-producer Howard Willing. Artists appearing on the album include Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Jason Faulkner (both from Jellyfish), and Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction). Campbell's sons and daughters recorded backing tracks.

Here's the full track listing, with the caveat that it's not the final sequence:

1. Jesus (Velvet Underground)
2. All I Want Is You (U2)
3. Times Like These (Foo Fighters)
4. Grow Old With Me (John Lennon)
5. Angel Dream (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
6. Sadly Beautiful (The Replacements)
7. Sing (Travis)
8. These Days (Jackson Browne)
9. Walls (Circus) (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
10. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Green Day)

Livin' La Vida 11 Year Old

I have to admit. I was feeling great trepidation prior to seeing Robert Downey Jr’s, superhero debut in Iron Man this weekend. Perhaps it was one too many Ally McBeal episodes or even trailer preview fatigue, take your pick. But ten minutes in and I was sold. This movie is seriously good and it reminded me exactly what great Saturday afternoon cinema should be about. Iron Man was pure escapist fun on an overblown sound system. It was very loud and brash, appealling equally to my inner eleven year old and gadget geek core. Rest assured too, Downey was thoroughly compelling as the unlikely superhero. His assistant, Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow, my new fantasy girlfriend.

So terrific to see a fully attended theatre too, it’s been a while since I’ve witnessed that. Iron Man is a blast from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

Glitter and Doom Tour – Tom Waits on the Road in June

The all ready hot summer tour schedule just got a little warmer this morning. Word literally, (via Youtube) that reclusive touring artist Tom Waits is taking his always unpredictable stunning live show on the road. Perhaps inspired by creative restlessness or a guttural reaction to Scarlett Johanson’s upcoming Waits covers disc; the “Glitter and Doom Tour” hits the road in June. So far, only US dates have been announced. Be quick though, tickets will be at a premium. When this two-time Grammy-winner last performed live in summer 2006, tickets sold out in mere minutes.

Glitter and Doom Tour:

06-17 Phoenix, AZ - Orpheum
06-18 Phoenix, AZ - Orpheum
06-20 El Paso, TX - Plaza Theatre
06-22 Houston, TX - Jones Hall
06-23 Dallas, TX - Palladium
06-25 Tulsa, OK - Brady Theatre
06-26 St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre
06-28 Columbus, OH - Ohio Theatre
06-29 Knoxville, TN - Civic Theatre
07-01 Jacksonville, FL - Moran Theatre
07-02 Mobile, AL - Saenger Theatre
07-03 Birmingham, AL - Alabama Theatre
07-05 Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre

Thursday, May 1, 2008

ARCTIC heading east this May

A couple of days ago, Kirsten from (Vancouver, BC) sent me a note asking if I'd pass on to Everything is Pop readers the details of her bands’ (The Arctic) month long cross Canada tour this month; Kirsten plays bass and keyboards in this trio and I encourage you to go see them in a live setting. Described as ‘Space Rock’ or ‘acoustic trance’ I wouldn’t want to pigeonhole the band quite as such but rather, I would encourage you to listen to the mp3’s on the band’s website to see what you think - Most of the tracks are based on the solo incarnation of ARCTIC, but the full band can be experienced in their most recent videos.

My initial impressions of the Arctic are very positive, and certainly something regular readers would enjoy:

This May/June, ARCTIC will hit the road for a cross-country Band Expedition. Confirmed dates are:

May 10: Wired Monk, Vancouver, BC
May 13: The Gaslight, Regina, SK
May 14: Mondragon, Winnipeg, MB
May 15: The Apollo, Thunder Bay, ON
May 16: Loplop’s, Sault Ste Marie, ON
May 17: Tranzac, Toronto, ON (Marcus Martin solo)
May 20: Albion Hotel, Guelph, ON
May 21: The Boat, Toronto, ON
May 22: Bar St. Laurent 2, Montreal, QC
May 25: Circus Room, Kitchener, ON
May 26: The Casbah, Hamilton, ON
May 28: The Spill, Peterborough, ON
May 29: Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield (near Ottawa), QC
May 30: The Atria, Oshawa, ON
May 31: Phog Lounge, Windsor, ON
Jun 4: The Cavern, Winnipeg, MB
Jun 6: The Stetson, Calgary, AB
Jun 7: Grateful Fed, Kelowna, BC

Regrettfully no London dates as of yet, but perhaps that will change. They will be playing close by.