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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PLAYLIST 2 - No Fan is an Island

By special request for Ben; who reminds us all that some of the best music out there might just be in our own backyards.

Be sure to check the embedded links.

I Don't Know Why - Square Root of Margaret
Down from Above - The Canons
Leave Today - Sewing with Nancie
Promise - Tristan Psionic
Thank You for Sending me an Angel - Constantines
Dundas, Ontario - Manitoba (Caribou)
Mississauga Goddam - Hidden Cameras
Change of Seasons - Sweet Thing
Words of Simon - Duotang
Any Sense of Time - The Inbreds
Take My Money and Run - Cuff the Duke
Wonderful Towers of Watts - The Golden Seals
Frequencies of You - Two Minute Miracles
Bring it On - The Weekend
Problem with Solutions - Jim Guthrie
I Was a Daughter - Basia Bulat
I Will Never See the Sun - Great Lakes Swimmers
Rain, Rain, Rain - Rheostatics
Lady Toronto - King Cobb Steelie
Cherry Beach Express - The Pukka Orchestra
The Ballad of Hugo -

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Excatly the kind of list I was looking for. Many that I would choose myself but, as always, a few that I would have missed. It's the ones that I would have missed that hit the spot.

I'm missing home even more but feeling a little closer. Thanks, bookr.