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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“This Pricey Stuff Makes Me Dizzy”

It’s been a busy year for The National since the release of their acclaimed High Violet. Touring, festival appearances, television, all the wine, world domination and, as we all know, if it’s worth releasing once the deluxe reissue won’t be far off. News that the bustling Brooklynites have announced plans for a lavish reissue of the aforementioned record. The reconfigured recording will come repackaged in a two-disc reformat with unreleased songs, live recordings and rare B-sides.

The album will make a reappearance on November 23rd via 4AD, and contains tracks omitted from the original release, including “You Were A Kindness” and “Wake Up You Saints,” plus the B-sides “Walk Off” and “Sin-Eaters,” as well as an alternate take of “Terrible Love.” The package will also include three live songs.

The reconfigured High Violet will now look like this:

Terrible Love
Anyone's Ghost
Little Faith
Afraid of Everyone
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Conversation 16
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Bonus Disc:

Terrible Love (Alternate Version)
Wake Up You Saints
You Were a Kindness
Walk Off
Bloodbuzz Ohio (Live On KCMP)
Anyone's Ghost (Live At Brooklyn Academy of Music)
England (Live At Brooklyn Academy Of Music)

Listen to the National in a fantastic live session on the Current this past summer.

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a lot of issues with this incessant reissuing that is happening lately. This particular reissue is happening ridiculously early - the placenta hasn't even fallen off the original release yet, for cryin out loud.

And yet, I think I want it.