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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LOLA 2010 in Pictures

By special request, a few of my favourite pictures from LOLA 2010.  A resounding success all around.  Huge kudos to the organizers for an amazing weekend of music and art in London.

Rogers Mainstage LOLA 2010

Rogers Main stage decor LOLA 2010


Caribou with Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys)

Text of Light (Lee Ranaldo, Sonic Youth)

My Brightest Diamond

Rhys Chatham Trumpet Trio

Art in the Park LOLA 2010

Land of Talk

Land of Talk


Allison said...

Love the flowers on the tree! Don't think I saw that one before. Those doilies sure are magical.

Paul B said...

Amazing photos buddy!

Sean Wraight said...

Thanks Allison... I love the colour in that one. It's actually the tank "Holy Roller" covered in poppies.

You will have to attend sometime.


Thanks Paul B. I try.