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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wire Announce New Album

Legendary U.K. post-punkers Wire has announced it will release its 12th studio album Red Barked Tree on January 11th. Recorded throughout 2010 by Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey; the record will be released on the band’s own Pink Flag label.

While the album comes out in January on CD, the band will issue it early — on December 20th via digital outlets. Fans who purchase it through Wire’s mail order store will also receive a free live EP called Strays.

Wire is previewing the new album by offering up a free MP3 download of “Two Minutes” (via Pitchfork) - a raucous and exciting two minute affair well worth your download bandwidth. You can download the full track here.

Album tracklist below:

Wire - Red Barked Tree

1. “Please Take”
2. “Now Was”
3. “Adapt”
4. “Two Minutes”
5. “Clay”
6. “Bad Worn Thing”
7. “Moreover”
8. “A Flat Tent”
9. “Smash”
10. “Down To This”
11. “Red Barked Trees”

The band is also hinting at an extensive tour with details to be announced soon. Thirty five years in, it’s nice to see the band producing relevant and exciting material.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Never one to turn down a raucous and exciting two minute affair, I shall definitely be loading down the download.

I was impressed with how fresh and energetic Wire looked and sounded when I saw them a couple of years ago. Of course they had some youngsters in the group at the time, but they still had that iconic Wire sound.

Speaking of great looks, loving the blue explosion happening on the blog, Mister!

Wandering Coyote said...

All set to follow you now, in a bloggish way, not a stalkerish way, and I am loving the blue!

Sean Wraight said...

Barbara - I have loved all incarnations of Wire and based on the preview track this one will be no exception. It's refreshing that after so many years they remain relevant and interesting.

Glad you like the new look... Slightly uncharacteristic but I needed some fresh pixels.

Ms. Coyote - I welcome all readers and followers; stalkerly fans, newfound pals and culinary experts included. Welcome and thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Wire are still on top of things, can't wait to hear the new album.